Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can be a valuable resource for all types of couples during various stages of your relationship.  Couples seek therapy for wide range of reasons such as: rebuilding trust after infidelity, seeking to improve communication, preparing for marriage, deciding to have a child, preparing for the birth or adoption of a child, preparing to become empty-nesters, dealing with chronic illness or death  of a family member, preparing for divorce or wanting to rekindle lost physical or emotional intimacy.  

I work with couples to learn new ways to talk to each other more effectively and work through conflict in a more loving and productive manner.  Together we will explore patterns in your relationship and explore areas where you may be stuck.  I work with couples so they may learn new, more satisfying ways of relating to one another.  As you begin to understand the dynamics of your relationship you will learn how to interact with your partner in a more loving way.  Then you will be more prepared to make thoughtful decisions about your relationship and enjoy it more fully.  

Benefits of Couples Therapy:

Couples therapy is an important tool for couples who would like to revive their relationship yet are stuck in the web of their differences.  I can offer help by serving as an objective third party and help both partners work toward a plan forward. 

Couples therapy may help: a couple work through patterns in both partners behavior and reactions towards situations that are leading to conflict.  At times, people are unaware of these patterns, once uncovered partners become more mindful of amplifying what is working instead of focusing on what is not.  

Couples therapy can help partners have a more accurate expectation or view of their partner.  It is common for partners to develop expectations about their significant other that may not be realistic and over time may lead to misunderstandings.  These conflicts can be eliminated when couples are able to see their loved one as an individual.  I help couples realize the positive aspects of their relationship and each other. 

Finally, many relationship issues arise from poor habits such as not listening, interrupting, discounting and being disrespectful or unkind.  In couples therapy these habits are explored, and more productive ones recommended.  

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