Therapy for Life Transitions

Life transitions are a natural part of life.  Engaging in therapy during a particularly difficult transition can be a wonderful way to learn new coping mechanisms.

Transitions can be planned or unexpected, perceived as positive or negative and still have a strong emotional impact.  A few life transitions are the decision to go to college or not, to move away from home or not, embarking on a new career one that requires additional training or education, starting or leaving a job (more so if the current one is good but no longer adding value).  To get married or remain single by choice, deciding to adopt or have a child, or deciding to not have children, sharing your authentic self with your family, divorce or leave a relationship, health issues, social/political concerns, travel, finances, moving, retirement, aging, facing mortality/death, the list is limitless.

For most people, change comes with emotions of all types and these emotions may lead to stress, sleep issues, fear, anxiety and/or depression. 

I am passionate about supporting adults through times of life transitions. These life phases can be full of both excitement and tremendous adjustment. I am experienced in assisting and advocating for people as they embrace their new reality and navigate challenges including depression and/or anxiety. I enjoy working with professionals dealing with day-to-day stressors of anxiety, grief and loss, relationships, parenting concerns and career ambitions.

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